Spring Court and Dance Show

Spring Court and Dance Show

The Spring Dance show started in 1920 as a May Pole dance that took place on lower campus. The dance quickly evolved into a pageant in honor of the May Queen, and has continued to be an integral part of the Parents' Weekend activities. The show follows the Spring Court Processional.

Spring Court Processional

    Title    Court
Heralds Sarah Benich
  Abigail Cliff
  Ashley Hernandez
  Amy Rumbaugh
Marshall of the Day Elizabeth Carbone
Bearer of the Scepter Amy Thomas
Bearer of the Crown Abigail Henshaw
Coronation Officer Taylor Hunker
Junior Queen Milena Mesfin
Ladies in Waiting Brittany Saylor
  Christine Pang
  Kathryn Bissett
  Kate Schaffner
Flower Girls Morgan Harbaka
  Anastasia Harmon
Pages Micah Browne
  Christopher Shaw

Spring Queen

Katie Kling

Escorted by the 2013 Spring King

 The Coronation of the Spring Queen 2013


Spring Dance Show

Spring Dance Company Presents:

A Cinematic Experience

    Title   Choreographer(s)      Dancers
Jai Ho Cady Merchant Bekah Fry
    Megan McCoy
    Tiina Negron
    Andrea Rinald
    Alexa Satterlee
    Bethany Tibbets
When She Loved Me Gabrielle Esposito Chelsea Grayburn
    Jessica Lunn
    Abigail Marsan
    Jenna Ostrwoski
    Emily Pearce
    Kristyn Rommell
Requiem for a Dream Luke Negron, Tiina Negron Jess Sayre
    Noelle Huffman
    Lysia Staats
    Emily Fritz
    Sarah McMahon
    Andrea Brodine
    Cady Merchant
Touch the Sky Amanda Johnson Jenn Coy
    Sara Olson
    Laura Post
    Arianna Sternadori
Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend Andrea Rinald Emily Bartlow
    Samara Drennan
    Jessica Fortney
    Linnea Granz
    Chelsea Grayburn
    Francesca Mertan
    Amy Noll
    Mary Pochatko
Suddenly Kevin Korte Andrea Brodine
    Andrea Floro
    Alyssa LaCaya
    Timothy Morgan
    Torie Pesta
    Abby Pherson
    Sam Rockwell
    Matthew Trotter
I'm Shipping Up to Boston Elizabeth Phillips Juliann Barrow
    Ansley DeGraaf
    Rachel Johnson
    Elisabeth McDonald
    Francesca Mertan
    Melissa Militello
The Distance Lydia Staats Sarah Boice
    Jessica Fortney
    Linnea Granz
    Noelle Huffman
    Cady Merchant
    Annette Mershimer
    Tiina Negron
    Andrea Rinald
As Long As You Love Me Zoe Simek Whitney Blakenship
    Dana Hamp
    Alyssa LaCaya
    Sarah McMahon
    Jenna Ostrowski
    Torrie Pesta
    Alexa Satterlee
    Jesssica Sayre
    Bethany Tibbets
Finale Kevin Korte, Cady Merchant, Andrea Rinald and Sam Clarke 2013 Spring Dance Company
Narrator: Darren Morton
Senior Head Choreographer: Kevni Korte and Cady Merchant
Juniort Head Choreographer: Andrea Rinald
Adviser: Sam Clarke