Networking is a way of connecting with, meeting and talking to people in the fields in which you would ultimately like to work.  Building professional relationships is important as approximately 80% of job openings are never advertised, leaving the only way to learn about them through word of mouth or networking – this is known as the “hidden job market”. Studies continue to confirm that the majority of jobs are obtained through some kind of networking.  Thus, it's a vital strategy a student should utilize in his/her job or internship search!

Feel free to view our Networking Guide for more information and tips on networking, including how to prepare, sample correspondence, questions to ask and more!

Prospective Network Contacts
1. Grove City College alumni through the Alumni Directory or GCC Alumni LinkedIn Group*Remember, when contacting alumni, be sure to introduce yourself, to mention how you got the person’s contact information, to keep your correspondence professional and respectful, and to ask for advice, ideas, leads and connections (not a job!).
2. Social media and networking sites (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn).
3. Family, friends, neighbors
4. Your friends’ parents, and their family members
5. Professors, advisors, coaches and tutors
6. Church friends and clergy
7. Members of clubs, religious groups and other organizations
8. Your former bosses and your friends’ and family members’ bosses
9. Professional associations and trade organization members.

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Alumni Directory

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JobGrove For Students

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