Pursue Your Calling

Pursue Your Calling

"The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." - Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC

The Career Services Office at Grove City College is committed to helping students identify and pursue their God-given callings in the world. We believe this vision to be a unique and life-changing one as it has impact on an individual's ultimate sense of purpose, meaning in life and future career satisfaction.

As Christians, it is essential that we reflect on what God has said about our calling in His revealed Word – the Bible. Furthermore, we believe it is too limiting to focus on the aspect of calling that relates solely to our occupation or paid employment. Calling is concerned with every area of life, including our families, friends, communities, churches, societies, and workplaces and our roles or "callings" in each of these. Finally, we must take some concrete, practical, and “real-world” steps to identify and pursue our calling, including self-assessment as we consider the skills, passions and talents God has given each person and how they relate to our occupational choices.

We’ve pulled together the following resources for the purpose of clarifying and furthering students' understanding of the concepts of vocation and calling.

Biblical Foundations of Vocation
Text Bibliography
Film Bibliography
Bible Study Resources
Discerning God's Will
Obstacles to Embracing Your Calling
Journal Reflections

Christian Vocation
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Christian Reflection: Vocation
How does our primary Christian vocation (or calling) — to enter the kingdom of God in faithful obedience — transform our choice of jobs, careers, and our deliberate preparation for these through experience and education? Baylor University’s Center for Christian Ethics offers this study guide to examine this question.