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Grove City College pays off for graduates

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Grove City College pays off for graduates


​A Grove City College education really pays off, according to a leading source on college affordability.

The College was ranked near the top of a list of the most affordable Pennsylvania colleges and universities with the biggest returns on investment that was compiled by Affordable Colleges Online.

Grove City was 22nd out of 81 schools that were ranked based on their low net cost and the high lifetime earnings of their graduates in the AC Online survey. More than 400 colleges and universities in the Keystone State were reviewed.

A Grove City College degree leads to “consistent payoff in the workplace,” AC Online noted.

Grove City College graduates see a $604,000 return on their tuition investment, according to AC Online. That makes Grove City College, one of the state’s most affordable private colleges, a great investment as well as a great value.

The ranking is based on data from reliable government and private sources of career and education information, including’s 2013 College Earnings Report, Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System, The National Center for Education Statistics and The Carnegie Foundation.