1. How are housing assignments made?
First-time freshman students live together in residence halls. Freshman women live in North and West Halls and men live in Memorial and Hicks Halls. Depending on availability, upperclassmen transfers may live together in Hicks Hall, or North Hall or one of our upperclassmen residence halls. Beginning in May freshmen will have the opportunity to have a hand in choosing their roommate. To do this, you will need to sign in to myGCC and click on “Roommate Finder” on the left-hand side of the page under the New Student tab. Please note that roommate requests must be mutual in order to be assigned. If you prefer to have the College match you with a roommate, please complete the Lifestyle Preferences portion of the Roommate Finder tool. This information will be used to find the most compatible roommate for you. Housing is assigned in the order deposits were received.
2. How and when will I find out who my roommate(s) will be?
You should complete Roommate Finder information and begin corresponding with potential roommates at the beginning of May. The final deadline for submitting roommate requests is June 26, as stated in the communication received by students. Housing assignments will begin to be distributed in mid-July via your Grove City College email account only; room assignments will not be given out over the phone. These assignments are subject to change through the beginning of the school year because of student attrition.
3. I am having trouble locating "Roommate Finder" on myGCC. Where is it?
Log into myGCC.edu.  Click on the “New Students” tab; Roommate Finder is on the left hand side.

4. Is it possible that I will have more than one roommate?
Yes, it is very likely. Grove City College freshman housing includes double rooms, triple rooms, and even a few quad rooms. Rooms are assigned according to deposit date. Single rooms are usually reserved for students with documented medical needs. In order to keep housing costs as low as possible for all of our students, there is no difference in housing costs for different types of rooms. If you choose two or more names in Roommate Finder, we will assume you prefer a triple or quad.
5. May I room with a friend or someone I know?
Yes, you may, but keep in mind that freshman students must room with other freshmen. These roommate requests may only be made through Roommate Finder on myGCC and must be mutual.
6. What happens if my roommate and I don’t get along?
As a Christian college, GCC believes that learning to live in peace with others is both an important life skill and important in learning to follow Christ. When a roommate conflict arises, students should first attempt to reconcile the issue in an open, honest, and caring manner. Often simply communicating directly about an issue will lead to resolution of a problem. If the students themselves are not able to resolve the conflict, they should involve the Resident Assistant and/or the Residence Director to mediate the situation. There should be an honest and reasonable attempt on the part of the students to meet the conditions of the compromise, should one be attained. If the situation is still not able to be resolved, with the support of the Residence Director, the students may petition the Assistant Director of Residence Life for a housing change at the semester break, but please know that a roommate mediation may still be required. Only in extreme situations will housing changes be considered during a semester. In addition, please note that our residence halls are typically at capacity so a move may not be logistically possible.
7. May I live off campus?
Grove City College is a residential college. The College’s residence halls are meant to foster social unity and to enhance the total learning environment and experience for our students. Therefore, all students, except commuter students who reside with their parents or legal guardians, are required to room and board in College residence halls. Commuter students at Grove City College are full-time students who live with their parents, legal guardians or spouses, normally within a 40-mile radius of campus. Permission from the College must be granted for students desiring to live with relatives other than parents or legal guardians, but are limited to grandparents or aunts and uncles. Veterans who are returning from active duty/deployment and those returning to college from the working world may qualify for approved commuter status if there is a significant age difference between them and students in their class living on campus.  Students who are 25 years of age or older are required to live off-campus.  Certain students, for medically documented reasons, may be considered for commuter status. In addition, students attending beyond their fourth year would also qualify to live off campus.  All off-campus housing for full-time students must be authorized by the College. The College does not provide housing for part-time, post-baccalaureate, married, or special status students.
8. What furniture is supplied for me?
Each student is supplied with a bed, mattress, a desk, a desk chair, a dresser, and a closet or wardrobe. Each room also has at least one mirror.
9. How do I know the dimensions of my room?
The email you will receive in July with your room and roommate information will also include the dimensions of your room. These values are approximate. Dimensions will not be given out over the phone. In addition, due to different models of furniture, dimensions for furniture in a particular room are not available.
10. What size sheets should I buy?
All mattresses in the Residence Halls require extra-long twin sheets.  No mattress pads are provided.
11. What items should I think about bringing?
     • Alarm Clock
     • Bedding—sheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, mattress pad
     • Caddy to store/carry shower items
     • Desk lamp
     • Desk supplies
     • Fan
     • Hand soap
     • Hangers
     • Headphones
     • High-efficiency laundry detergent
     • Iron (there are typically irons available in residence halls)
     • Laundry basket/bag
     • Microwave  (900 watts or less)
     • Power strip with a surge protector
     • Refrigerator (must be less than 4.6 cubic feet)
     • Sewing kit
     • Swimsuit
     • Telephone (each residence hall room is provided an official College landline extension)
     • Towels and washcloths
     • Umbrella
     • Wastebasket
12. Is there anything I cannot bring?
The following items are not permitted in the residence halls:
     • Candles, incense potpourri/incense burners and other incendiaries
     • Coffee pots, toasters, toaster ovens or any other appliance/item with an exposed coil or heating surface (Keurigs are permitted).
     • Two pronged extension cords and electrical outlet expanders without a reset button
     • Curtains and draperies other than those provided by the College
     • Fireworks and other combustibles
     • Halogen lamps and multi-arm lamps with plastic shades
     • Space heaters, heating fans, air conditioners and ceiling fans
     • Nails or screws for hanging items on walls (students may use white mounting putty or Scotch 3M Command Adhesive strips)
     • Lofts
     • Pets (other than fish)
     • Refrigerators larger than 4.6 cubic feet
     • Road or construction signs (absent proof of purchase)
     • Wireless routers
     • Satellite dishes
     • Water beds
     • Real, play or decorative weapons (including water balloon launchers, airsoft and paintball guns and knives with a blade in excess of 4 inches
     • Illegal drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia  and/or empty alcohol containers
     • Any other items that are in conflict with the College’s identity or mission (i.e. items and/or posters that advertise alcohol or might be deemed obscene or pornographic). Please refer to the student handbook for a complete explanation of residence life/housing policies.)

13. Are my personal items insured?
Please check your parents’ homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to see if it covers your property while you are away at school. The College does not take responsibility for students’ personal belongings, even if personal items are damaged as a result of a facility issue. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance.
14. How much freedom do I have to decorate my room?
You may decorate your room any way you’d like, within the following guidelines:
     • Walls and ceilings may not be painted.
     • College-issued draperies or blinds may not be removed. In addition, nothing, including additional curtains may be hung over College curtains.
     • Due to fire hazards, fabric may not be hung on the ceilings or walls or around the windows and doorway.
     • Shelves may not be placed above the door or beds.
     • College furniture should not be altered or damaged in any way. Furniture may only be used for the purpose for which it was originally intended and must remain in the room.
     • Only white mounting putty, masking tape and Scotch 3M Command Adhesive may be used to attach things to walls.
     • Posters and other items must be in good taste without containing references to alcohol or obscenity.
     • The room set-up must remain navigable at all times. Doors and windows should not be blocked and should open completely.
     • Furniture must be 3 to 4 inches away from heating vents to allow heat to circulate.
15. Are there items I can rent on campus rather than purchasing myself?
Small refrigerators may be rented from Men’s Activity Board.  Rental information will be available to students during the first week of classes. Please note, a limited number are available and on a first-come/first-serve basis.
16. Are there kitchen facilities available? Irons? Vacuums?
There are kitchen facilities for student use in Ketler Rec and South Rec. If you plan to do much cooking or baking, you may want to bring some of your own supplies. Irons and ironing boards are available on most residence hall floors. Vacuums are provided in common areas for student use.
17. May I bring an air conditioner?
Air conditioners are not permitted in the Residence Halls. If you require an air conditioner for a specific medical need, please contact Mrs. Beth Habbyshaw in the Academic Resource Center.
18. May I ship my belongings to the school?
Boxes may be shipped to your campus mail address and picked up in the mailroom in the Breen Student Union beginning August 1, 2017.
19. Where do I receive mail?
The mailroom is located in the Breen Student Union. Each student has his or her own mailbox and box number, which remains the same for all four years. Your mailbox number will be sent to you in a mailing –May or June and also included in room assignment email.  Your address will be:
          Your Name
          GCC # (your box number)
          200 Campus Drive      
          Grove City, PA 16127-2197

20. Where do I do my laundry?
Laundry facilities are available for free in all residence halls.  The washing machines require high-efficiency detergent.
21. Is there storage available during the school year or for the summer?
Some of the female residence halls have storage rooms to be used during the school year. Items permitted to be stored are limited to suitcases (and other luggage items) and plastic tubs with lids. Depending upon available space, the number of items to be stored may be limited per student by the Residence Director. There is no summer storage available on campus. Items left at summer break will be donated or discarded.
22. May I come to campus early or return early after breaks?
No. The residence halls are closed and therefore unsupervised during campus holidays and breaks. Because of this, students are not permitted to return early. In the fall, students participating in certain campus organizations and activities may be permitted to return early, as requested by the organization adviser or activity sponsor and approved by the Office of Student Life & Learning. Individual requests to return early will not be granted unless the returning student is a sibling of a freshman who is required to return early. All such requests must be approved by the Assistant Director of Residence Life.
23. Where do I go when I arrive on campus?
Residence Hall students report to their assigned residence halls per appointed time in their letter that they will receive via email late July/early August.  Commuter students report to the Breen Student Union.
24. Where do I pick up my room key?
When students arrive to campus on August 24, they should proceed directly to their residence hall.  Once there, they will be greeted by our Residence Life staff (Residence Director and Resident Assistants) and Orientation Board team.  These folks will be providing assistance for your move-in process, namely through helping to carry in your belongings, in the completion of Room Condition Inventory (RCI), and assigning you your room key.  Please note you will not receive your room key any earlier than the date of your scheduled move-in.

25. What is the schedule for move-in day?
Prior to move in day, students will be sent, via their GCC email account, information about the specific time that students will need to move in (between 8:00 and 10:45 a.m.), which is scheduled according to the floor plan of the building in which you will live.  Following move in there will be a welcome meeting for all new students and their parents in the arena in the Physical Learning Center at 11:30 a.m. Students will be emailed in the summer with details of other Welcome Week activities.
26. What are an RA and an RD, and what is the difference?
RA stands for Resident Assistant. An RA is a full-time upperclassmen student in a leadership position in the residence halls. The primary role of an RA is to build a sense of community among his or her assigned residents, serve as a resource and support to residents, and to assist in the intellectual, personal, and spiritual development of residents. Your RA will plan activities and programs throughout the school year that are designed to aid in your social, spiritual, and life skills development. An RA is on duty in each residence hall from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. every day during the academic year for emergencies or other student concerns.
RD stands for Residence Director. An RD is a professional staff member employed full-time by the College. He or she lives in an apartment within the residence hall. The primary role of this position is to foster a positive living and learning community among the residents in an assigned residence hall. The Residence Director is responsible for the care of all individuals, management of and activities that take place within their respective building. There is always one male and one female RD on call, 24 hours a day, during the academic year to address emergencies or other student concerns.
27. What lodging is available for parents on campus or in town?
There is no lodging available on campus for parents at any time. There are a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts in the surrounding community.
28. What do I need to know about telephone service?
Long distance service is not provided by the College. Campus and local service is free, but you will need to provide your own telephone. We recommend a cell phone or calling card for long distance calls. If you do not have a phone in your room, please give your cell phone number to Student Life & Learning so that you are able to be contacted in the case of an emergency.
29. What cell phone service is recommended?
Grove City College does not endorse one particular cellular phone service over another. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are two large providers in the area.
30. May I have an overnight guest?
Yes. Overnight guests of the same gender as the host are permitted to stay for a maximum of two nights in a row and must be registered with the Residence Director for emergency and safety reasons, and may stay no more than 7 total days in a given semester. No overnight guests of the opposite sex are permitted at any time. Residents are strongly encouraged to invite overnight guests only after discussing it with their roommates.
31. May I bring my bike to school with me?
You may bring your bicycle. Bikes must be left outdoors on bike racks or kept in the student’s room. They cannot be kept in residence hall stairways, hallways, or other indoor public areas due to fire and safety regulations.
32. Are there times when the residence halls are closed?
Residence halls are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks in addition to summer break. During these times all students must vacate the residence halls. Students are strongly encouraged to make holiday travel arrangements well in advance of hall closings by the time/date noted on the academic calendar. Due to safety and staff needs we have no flexibility in regard to residence hall closing times. If a student is unable to leave campus prior to the closing time they may wait in the Student Union with their belongings until their ride arrives.
33. Can my parents send me a cake for my birthday or other special occasion?
Yes, they can! Point them to the following website for our dining services provider, Bon Appetit.
34. Do I need to buy insurance for my college-issued computer?
Yes. Each student must have the computer system insured against loss, theft and damage. Such insurance coverage may be under a homeowner's insurance policy of the student, student's parents or student's legal guardians or under other insurance, such as a student's personal property policy. Regardless of whether or not a student has any such insurance coverage, the student is responsible for payment to College of the full replacement value or repair cost of the computer system in the event of loss, theft or damage to it.
35. What services can be paid for by credit card?
The College Bookstore accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Student accounts may be paid online through myGCC using Mastercard only. The Gee now takes credit cards!

36. How do I get to and from the airport?
The Myers Bus Line has service to Pittsburgh and Erie. Super Shuttle is a local shuttle company providing transportation to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport.
     • Myers Trailways – 1-877-733-1045
     • Super Shuttle –1-800-258-3826

Students may also post notices on the electronic “Ride Board” on myGCC when they need a ride or can offer a ride to someone else.

The College has a shuttle that goes to and from the airport during major breaks ie; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and beginning and end of the semester. Please check myGCC for shuttle times/dates prior to making travel arrangements.  Those choosing the College shuttle service must make reservations at least two weeks in advance. Refunds will not be issued for those canceling shuttle services within two weeks of scheduled reservation.

37. What banking services are available on campus or in town?
Pittsburgh National Bank (PNC) is the approved financial services provider for students on the Grove City College campus.  PNC has an advanced function ATM located in the Breen Student Union capable of accepting deposits, cashing checks, and administering a typical cash withdrawal.  PNC also has a full service branch located at 201 South Broad Street, within walking distance of campus. 

PNC’s Virtual Wallet Student provides interactive online tools that make it easy to keep track of your money, so you – and your family – have one less thing to worry about as you begin your college journey.Those with a PNC Bank account, will also have the ability to link their Crimson ID Card to their PNC Bank account(s).  This will allow students to use their Crimson ID Card on or off campus to make purchases using a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN).  Using one’s Crimson ID Card in this fashion is safe, as one’s bank accounts cannot be accessed without the pin.

For additional Information on PNC and how to link your Crimson Card, please visit the following website:  www.pnc.com/gcc or call the branch at 724-458-9250.

PNC – (724) 458-9250 or (800) 352-0186 - ATM on campus

Other banks in the area:
     • Citizens Bank (724) 458-8350
     • First National Bank (724) 458-0800
     • Huntington Bank (724)  458-5611 or (800) 542-2657
     • Northwest Savings Bank (724) 450-1300 or (877) 672-5678

38. What churches are in the Grove City area?
These are just a few of the churches located in town:
     • Church of the Beloved Disciple (Roman Catholic)
     • Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal)
     • Church of the Nazarene
     • Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
     • East Main Presbyterian Church (ECO)
     • First Baptist Church
     • First Church of God
     • Grace United Methodist Church
     • Grove City Alliance Church (Christian & Missionary Alliance)
     • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
     • Tower Presbyterian Church (ECO)

The churches in and around Grove City welcome students. Several churches provide transportation to church on Sunday mornings. Addresses and phone numbers will be listed on the online Crimson.

39. How do I apply for a job on campus?
To apply for on-campus employment, log into myGCC. click on the "Sign Up" tab, and complete the "Student Job Application." Completing this application does not guarantee that you will be hired for a particular position.  Supervisors for on-campus jobs will contact you if you if you are to be hired.
40. Is tutoring available?
Tutoring is available for most of the classes offered. Contact Kathy Leonard, Director of Academic Counseling to sign up for a tutor at the first sign of needing extra help. Group tutoring is $7.00 per person, and individual tutoring is $10.00 per hour.  In addition, several academic departments offer free weekly tutoring sessions.

41. Who do I contact if I have a problem or an issue on campus?
Grove City College’s goal is to develop life skills in our students to prepare them for life beyond the borders of our campus. Our desire is to partner with parents in this effort, and as such, we encourage students to attempt to address issues themselves rather than asking their parents to do so. If a student has a question, problem, or issue that arises, he or she should first contact the RA on his/her floor. If the issue needs further attention, the student should contact the RD of the building. If a resolution still has not been reached, the student should contact the Office of Student Life & Learning.

42. Is there a place in the area that I can store my belongings over the summer?
There are many storage facilities in and around Grove City, PA.  Please refer to the list below:
     • Spray & Vac Car Wash & Mini Storage, 209 Breckenridge Drive, Grove City, PA  16127
     • Grove City Self Storage, 1704 W. Main Street Ext., Grove City, PA  16127
     • Liberty Self Storage, 141 Amsterdam Road, Grove City, PA  16127
     • London Self Storage, Inc., 1848 Butler Pike, Grove City, PA  16127
     • Liberty Gait Storage, 102 Northgait Drive, Grove City, PA  16127
     • Slippery Rock Self Storage, 173 Forrester Road, Slippery Rock, PA  16057

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