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Louis Petolicchio

Louis Petolicchio


I first read about Grove City College in a Christian college directory my guidance counselor gave me. The first thing that caught my attention was the fact tuition and room and board was easily five to fifteen thousand dollars cheaper than the other colleges listed.  I was hooked. I did some further investigation and discovered that in addition to being considered among the more academically premier private colleges, Grove City College is revered as one of the best Christian colleges in the nation. It took no more than a single visit to the picturesque campus to decide that this was the college I was going to attend. 

Torn between several subjects, it was not until the beginning of my sophomore year that I finally declared a major in Communication Studies, and I have been working steadily at it ever since. Offering a wide number of potential careers, a highly flexible academic schedule, and an incredibly helpful faculty, the Department of Communication Studies has allowed me to hone my skills for a future place in the business world as well as give me the freedom to build my own college experience.

With an adaptable schedule, I am not only able to pursue my degree in communications at my own pace, I am also free to take other subjects that fascinate me, such as history and political science. My advisors and mentors in the department have always played a significant part in keeping me focused and headed in the right direction, offering helpful insight whenever I need it. Unlike some courses, where students are simply fed facts and information, the Department of Communication Studies is all about real-world application.