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Angela Palumbo

Angela Palumbo

​As I was searching for colleges, Grove City College seemed like a perfect fit for me. I wanted a school where I would grow spiritually from the support of professors and students, receive a quality education, as well as participate in athletics. Grove City College met all of my search criteria.

The Department of Mathematics has exceeded my expectations. Two invaluable skills that I have already gained from the major are problem solving and critical thinking. The unique part about being a math major is that every problem is different.  I have learned how to analyze a situation and use the tools that I have gained to solve a problem.

Another great aspect of the Department of Mathematics is the fantastic faculty. Whenever I struggle with homework or a particular problem, my professors offer their assistance on an individual level.  They are completely focused on the students and genuinely want to see us learn and grow.  

Because Grove City College offers a holistic education, all majors are required to take six humanities core classes. As a math major, these classes have not only added diversity to my learning, but also prepared me to defend my faith. Overall, what I have received at Grove City College is a true liberal arts education that has shaped my worldview and equipped me for success.