Internship & Research Opportunities

Internship & Research Opportunities


Faculty advisors can assist students in locating individualized off-campus internships (either clinical or research-oriented) that incorporate the knowledge they have gained from their course work. 
     • Medical service projects
     • Volunteer opportunities
     • Research and development
     • Medical travel courses


Shadowing provides students with an up close and personal experience of what it is like to have a career in medicine.  Shadowing a doctor will allow you to experience what it is like to interact with patients, view procedures, meet medical staff and discover the daily routine of a particular practice.
     • Local doctors in the Grove City and Slippery Rock area
     • Grove City Medical Center
     • Faculty assistance

Medical Missions

     • Christian Medical and Dental Society
     • Samaritan’s Purse
     • Frontiers
     • MAP International
     • With Grove City College Alumni and Friends
     • Medsend Funding Options

Service Learning

Service learning is a form of project based learning in which students set academic goals to provide some type of community service.
     • Medical service projects
     • Volunteer opportunities with local providers and hospitals
     • Research and development projects for educational medical record templates
     • Faculty based class projects