Pre-Health Professions

​Pre-Health​ Professions

Most of our pre-health students pursue majors in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry or Exercise Science. Some, however, are non-science majors who take the foundational courses required for acceptance to most pre-health profession programs. Through these various majors, our students have gained acceptance into professional areas of medicine (allopathic and osteopathic), dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, physical and occupational therapy, medical technology, cardiovascular technology, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary medicine and biomedical research.

Students are aided by their faculty advisors in the application process. The candidates for professional schools are free to apply to the schools of their choice. Students are encouraged to request confidential letters of recommendation from faculty members chosen by them. Individual concern for each student has helped achieve the acceptance rates that Grove City College students have experienced in recent years. The core science courses are of the highest quality, and are important indicators of aptitude and future success in the health professions. These courses also provide important foundations for various national health professional exams such as the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), DAT (Dental Admissions Test), GRE (Graduate Record Exam), OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) and others.

Some health-professional schools have entered into affiliation agreements with Grove City College to attract our students to their programs. These agreements do not guarantee that a student will gain admission to a particular school, but they do define minimum criteria that ensure motivated applicants from the College will receive special consideration for admission.

With the assistance of faculty advisors, students can locate individualized off-campus internships (either clinical or research-oriented) that incorporate the knowledge they have gained from their course work. Taken during the summer, intersessions or even during the school year, students may be awarded academic credit for these experiences. Clinical internships involve on-site supervision by a health professional. Research internships have taken place in a laboratory at a university, private industry or biomedical research facility.

Grove City College offers students the opportunity of membership in the PHS, our student organization, as well as oversight by a faculty-run committee, the PHPAC. These two groups work together to bring various types of health related events to campus, including: guest speakers, a health professions career fair, and a local hospital tour.  Scheduled, individual pre-health advising appointments are also available to freshman and sophomore biology and biochemistry majors.

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