Process, Deadlines and Cost

Information about Study Abroad



  • Make an appointment to meet with a peer advisor in the Office of International Education by emailing or stopping by HAL 319.  A peer advisor will go over programs and the process with you. Begin researching programs by looking at Program Providers.

  • Check out the Grove City College Course Approval Form – This application gives you permission to transfer your course credits to Grove City College.  You must come to the OIE and meet with an advisor there before filling this out!

  • Speak with your advisor – Find out what courses you can and can't take, and what needs to be done so that you may graduate on time.

  • Fill out the the Grove City College Course Approval Form. Use your computer to fill it out, then print it out to get the courses approved.
  • Obtain a Passport and/or Visa – You must have a passport to travel abroad, and you may need a visa. A visa is official permission, granted by the authorities of a specific country, which allows you to enter and remain in that country for a period of time. Please see the requirements of your program provider for the country in which you plan to study to determine if you need a visa. 

  • You may need immunizations to study abroad. Visit to determine what immunizations that you need. Here is information about a clinic local to Grove City:
  • Complete a Program Application – This application is for the specific program or school through which you study. Make sure you meet their deadlines, which may differ from the Grove City College deadlines! This date depends on your provider, so please check with them to make sure that you have the correct date.


Grove City Office of International Education Deadlines 

Here are some of the big deadlines for the study abroad programs. Make sure you plan early. You must turn in your completed Grove City College Course Approval Form with attached course descriptions and/or syllabi for language courses by the following deadlines: 

Spring Semester Study: October 15 

Summer and Fall Semester Study: March 15


Cost and Scholarship Information

You do not pay Grove City College tuition or room/board while studying abroad. However, the College does charge a Study Abroad fee of $300.00. This covers administrative and processing fees.   External programs vary greatly in cost depending on school, program, location, etc. Some locations will cost less than a semester at Grove City College. However, in most cases they will cost more. When considering cost, it is important to compare what exactly the program fees include:
  • Tuition & housing (What kind?)
  • Airfare*
  • Meals (how many?)
  • Excursions
  • Advisors
  • Airport reception
  • Insurance
  • Daily travel
  • Books or supplies
*Most program fees do not include airfare, though some do.
Click HERE to download.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Click HERE for a pre-departure checklist for students who are studying abroad compiled by one of our program providers. Although it is on the USAC website, it applies to anyone studying abroad.