Benefits of Study Abroad

Benefits of Study Abroad

There are many immediate and life-long benefits to a student who decides to study abroad. Cross-cultural studies help develop attributes that are more difficult to attain within the confines of your home campus. Such attributes include:

  • The ability to learn from students from different cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Mastering a foreign language
  • Exposure and open-mindedness to new ideas and philosophies

Give your resume a boost

Today’s job market for graduating students is extremely competitive. You’re not only competing for jobs with students from your university or your country; you’re competing with students from across the world. A study abroad experience on your resume will distinguish you from your peers. As a student who has studied abroad, you show a potential employer that you possess:


  • A willingness and readiness to adapt to new environments
  • The ability to look at a project or situation from different perspectives
  • An understanding of diverse cultures
  • Self-confidence and an ability to take risks


International internships prepare you for the global future

Employers value work experience. A college internship gives you practical work experience while still in college. Beyond the benefits of a domestic internship, by interning abroad you will benefit from:

  • Invaluable international professional experience
  • The opportunity to learn from, and network with, professionals from across the world
  • Awareness of diverse business practices and customs
  • Experience in working with foreign or multinational companies
  • Exposure to the global issues facing your industry

Regardless of your career path, a study abroad, intern abroad, or other international exchange experience will better prepare you for the global economy.

A recent graduate survey by IES Abroad, one of our program providers, showed that alumni of their programs landed jobs sooner after graduation, and at an average starting salary $7000 higher than their peers. In addition, 97% of their alumni had secured a position within one year of graduation, compared to 49% of their peers. For those who continued their studies, 90% of alumni got into their 1st or 2nd choice graduate or professional school. 


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