Missions ​​

Inner-City Outreach

Inner-City Outreach trips involve Grove City College students traveling to cities throughout the United States, as well as the world, to minister to others and share the Gospel. The program has grown to an average of 20 trips annually, with almost half to international destinations. Inner-City Outreach trips are student-initiated and student-led. Grove City College provides training and resources for the leaders of each approved trip. 

Medical Missions

In the field of medicine, you learn to take on new challenges each day with each new patient. At Grove City College, we believe that hands-on experience with patients from another culture is a great way of preparing our future medical professionals. Our students minister to bodies and souls as they travel to work in clinics internationally on a two-week medical internship—and they come back with a broadened knowledge of the world and a heightened sensitivity to issues of culture and ethics in medicine.  Come to the Office of International Education for more details.

Red Box Missions

Each year, students with a passion for service are selected to go on summer-long, individual missions trips to a safe location of their choosing. Students apply​ for the competitive, College-run program. Those selected spend a summer in an area with an organization identified by them. The College assists by providing preparation seminars to the Red Box awardees, and offers funding for most travel expenses.

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International Affiliations

​Grove City College International Study Partnerships are unique: they are College run and managed partnerships with universities in the host country, so you’re not only getting an international education, you’re doing it with peers from Grove City College.​

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Application and Preparation

​​The Office of International Education helps students make their travel experience as simple as possible.​

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Study Abroad

​Travel during college is important to broadening your world, and no matter your major, you can study abroad. If you’re the type to really cast off the reins and explore an international university and culture on your own, the Office of International Education will pair you with the right program​.

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​Grove City College students have numerous opportunities to serve both domestically and abroad. 

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