Grove City College Sponsored Programs

Grove City College Sponsored Programs

Grove City College International Study Partnerships are unique: they are College-run partnerships coordinated with universities in the host country, so you’re not only getting an international education, you’re doing it with peers from Grove City College for the same price as you would study on campus.

European Study Center

Tuition is the same price. Room and board are the same price. But when you wake up each morning, you are surrounded by the language, culture and beauty of Nantes, France. At the Grove City European Study Center, juniors from any major are welcome to spend a semester in France. With classes in English and French, ample opportunities to travel Europe, and the ability to learn and grow in a new culture, many students have chosen to explore at the European Study Center.

Chile Study Program​ (now in partnership with API)

Travel to Viña del Mar, Chile, to spend a semester at the Adolfo Ibáñez University. Immerse yourself in the culture while attending the top business school in Latin America. Adolfo Ibáñez University has been ranked third in a Chilean government award for the highest quality students and is considered one of the top three universities in Chile with the best prepared graduates - an excellent  education abroad at about the same price as a semester at Grove City College.​

Agreement with LdM Institute in Florence, Rome, Tuscania and Venice, Italy

Grove City College has an agreement with LdM Institute in Italy that allows students to study abroad at a significantly reduced tuition price.  LdM also has housing and meal resources available at very competitive prices.  The many Grove City students that have attended LdM in the past can attest to the fact that this program is an excellent value for anyone who wishes to study abroad. Visit the OIE for more information.

Korean Studies Summer Program (BIP)

The Korean Studies Summer Program is a uniquely different opportunity provided by Seoul Women’s University to foreign students to achieve a better understanding about the various aspects of Korean culture.  Participants learn about Korean life style, historical and religious background, economics, political tension with North Korea, the city of Seoul, art and language.  In exchange for this, a student from Seoul Women’s University studies for one full academic year at Grove City College each year.

Through a four-week intensive program in English during the month of July, participants are matched with a Korean partner, who is an exchange student of SWU. Both lectures and hands-on cultural experiences are provided, with excursions included. The goal is to develop a genuine interest in Korea and a deeper comprehension of Korea’s role today.

Students who are approved for this program receive a scholarship that covers all costs except airfare and spending money, and students receive three credits that transfer back to GCC.  The students receive free housing, meals, cultural events, and excursions.  It is a great opportunity to travel at a very low cost!

Information for this program is available in the Office of International Education early in the spring semester.  Applicants are chosen and notified by mid spring semester for the summer program each year.

Visit the Facebook page for the 2017 BIP program here.

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International Affiliations

​Grove City College International Study Partnerships are unique: they are College run and managed partnerships with universities in the host country, so you’re not only getting an international education, you’re doing it with peers from Grove City College.​

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Study Abroad

​Travel during college is important to broadening your world, and no matter your major, you can study abroad. If you’re the type to really cast off the reins and explore an international university and culture on your own, the Office of International Education will pair you with the right program​.

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​Grove City College students have numerous opportunities to serve both domestically and abroad. 

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Application and Preparation

​​The Office of International Education helps students make their travel experience as simple as possible.​

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