Chile Study Program

Chile Study Program 

IMPORTANT: Beginning in Fall, 2017, Grove City College will be working with API, a trusted program provider, to facilitate the Chile program.
Information about the API program in Chile can be found here.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
The Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) is a private university of Chile pertaining to the Adolfo Ibáñez Foundation. In 1988, according with the new educational legislation, a new university was founded on the base of the Valparaiso Business School (Escuela de Negocios de Valparaiso), an old institution for the professional teaching in business administration founded in 1953 thanks to the contribution of Adolfo Ibáñez Boggiano. The new university would take its name some decades ahead. In the Chilean higher educational scheme, UAI is a private university accredited in the country by CNAP and internationally by AACSB and AMBA.

Visit the UAI website for course offerings and updated information.

Students stay with host families.
Currently approved Courses
UAI = Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Vina del Mar, Chile
UAI # Course Name GCC Equivalent Credits

HIST 345 Pre-Columbian Cultures History elective* 300  3
HIST 315 Latin American Culture & Identity History elective 231 Mod Latin Am History 3
LAS 309 Latin American Art & Identity Art 300 elective 3
LAS 335 Latin America on Film Communication 300 elective 3
LAS 350 Socialism, Capitalism, and Communism in Latin America History elective* 300, Econ 206 3
LAS 357 Social Conflict in Latin America Political Science 300 elective 3


MKT 335 Marketing Trends and Strategies in Latin America BUSA 416 3
MGT 335 International Business BUSA 305 3
MGT 336 Sustainable Business in Latin America BUSA 300 elective° 3
PLE 320 Strategic Leadership BUSA 300 elective° 3
LAS 325 Latin America in the Age of Globalization History elective* 300, Econ elective 3
HIS 335 Economic Development in Latin America: Milestones and Crisis Econ elective* 300 3


SPAN 111 Basic Spanish Communication Spanish 100 level elective 3
SPAN 121 Basic Spanish Grammer SPAN 102 3
SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish Communication SPAN 200 level elective 3
SPAN 221 Intermediate Spanish Grammer SPAN 201 3
SPAN 340 Advanced Spanish / Chilean Culture SPAN 300 level elective 3
SPAN 341 Advanced Spanish : Negotiations SPAN 310 Commercial Spanish 3
SPAN 350 Spanish Phonetics SPAN 305 Phonetics and Linguitics 3
SPAN 360 Introduction to Literary Genres SPAN 327 Contemp Lat Am Authors 3
GEO 312 Geography of Chile SPAN 300 level elective 3
SPAN 370 Advanced Spanish Business SPAN 310 Commercial Spanish 3


LAS 123 The Politics and Economics of Chile POLS elective or HIST elective 3
  Psicología del desarollo I (Developmental Psychology) PSYC 209 3
  Psicología social (Social Psychology) PSYC 208 3
  Basic Psychological Processes PSYC 101E (non-foundations) 3
LITR 101 Lectura Crítica: El Padrino de Mario Puzo: una oferta que no podrá rehusar Gen Elec 3
  History of Chilean Independence Gen Elec 3
MAT 112 Algebra MATH 111 3
GOB 102 Política e Instituciones POLS 101E 3