Department of Sociology and Social Work

​Department of Sociology and Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work at Grove City College prepares students to excel in both competitive graduate programs and careers in sociology.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers courses leading to a specialized Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. It educates students about the social world and those disciplines that have historically sought to apply humanistic and scientific principles to describe and explain human behavior at all levels.

The sociology curriculum at Grove City College rests upon the belief that the study of social relationships and social organization is essential for all who are committed to shaping our nation upon the ideals and institutions of a free society. The department prepares students (majors and non-majors) for careers in public policy, graduate study and professional research, and criminal justice.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Sociology​

The Department of Sociology at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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Internships in Sociology

Many sociology students intern during their sophomore and junior years and during the summer.

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Minor in Family Studies

Students complete 19 credit hours of course requirements to minor in family studies.

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B.A. in Sociology

The Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology equips students with the critical thinking and communication skills to excel in both graduate study and a variety of careers.

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Minor in Social Work

​A minor in Social Work from Grove City College provides students with a significant background in the field through courses in social welfare policy and theory, human diversity, child welfare, gerontology and human development in addition to a practicum.

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