Department of Psychology

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Watch a message from Dr. Kevin Seybold, chair of the Department of Psychology at Grove City College.

Department of Psychology ​​​​​

The Department of Psychology at Grove City College prepares students to excel in both competitive graduate programs and careers in psychology. Combining an excellent liberal arts education with a rigorous curriculum grounded in mainstream, scientific psychology, students are given the unique opportunity to relate psychological knowledge to other fields of study.

Students may pursue either a B.A. or B.S. in psychology and have the academic freedom to choose coursework in statistics and research, experimental psychology, clinical psychology and developmental psychology. Small class sizes and experienced faculty afford students the opportunity to develop, conduct and report their own research projects, a necessary proficiency for graduate students and professionals.  

Students also have the opportunity to attend regional conferences such as the Eastern Psychological Association conference.

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Minor in Family Studies

Students complete 19 credit hours of course requirements to minor in family studies. Students gain a foundational understanding of the important theories, methods and research findings of psychological science as it relates to the study of the family as a social institution.

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Minor in Psychology

Students complete 18 credit hours of course requirements to minor in psychology.

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B.A. in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology equips students with specialized knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills to excel in both graduate study and a variety of careers.

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After Graduation

The majority of psychology majors pursue graduate study, including advanced work in psychology and related fields, as well as in medicine, law, business and theology.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychology at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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