Faculty Profiles

Kristin J Homan Associate Professor of Psychology  Psychology  KJHoman@gcc.edu +17244582043

Kristin J Homan

Department: Psychology     |     Education: B.S., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Minnesota.

phone   +17244582043

email   KJHoman@gcc.edu

  • B.S., University of Wisconsin
  • PhD, University of Minnesota

Courses Taught
  • Introductory psychology
  • Child development
  • Adult development
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Advanced research methods

Selected Research
  • My most recent project involved a series of experiments designed to test the acceptance model of intuitive eating. This model posits that a sense of unconditional acceptance from others establishes a foundation for accepting one’s body, rejecting unrealistic cultural ideals, and caring for the body. Our results generally supported these ideas.

Selected Publications
  • Homan, K. J. (2016).  Self-compassion and psychological well-being in older adults.  Journal of Adult Development.  Advance online publication.
  • Homan, K. J. & Lemmon, V. A. (2015).  Perceived relationship with God moderates the relationship between social comparison and body appreciation.  Mental Health, Religion, & Culture, 18, 425-439.  doi: 10.1080/13674676.2015.1075481
  • Tylka, T. L. & Homan, K. J. (2015).  Exercise motives and positive body image in physically active college women and men:  Exploring an expanded acceptance model of intuitive eating.  Body Image, 15, 90-97.

  • Trail running
  • Biking
  • Drinking coffee

You might be surprised to know
  • I started graduate school in a neuroscience program, which I quickly realized was a big mistake because I do not have the aptitude for lab research. But I met my husband while I was there, so it all worked out for the best.