After Graduation

After Graduation​​​

A psychology degree opens up a variety of career paths. Approximately 85% of our psychology majors pursue graduate training within three years of leaving Grove City College. Most of these enter graduate programs in psychology (either masters or doctoral programs), but many are also accepted into law or medical schools, seminaries, or MBA or MSW programs. With an advanced degree in psychology, our graduates are now employed in a variety of settings and are conducting research at major universities, teaching future psychology majors at colleges around the country, providing mental health services in hospitals and clinics, directing human-relations departments in industry, and serving the social services needs of citizens in both urban and rural areas to mention just a few of the opportunities available in psychology.

Those who have decided to go into other professions are now physicians, nurses, and lawyers as well as managers of their own businesses. Psychology majors who do not enter graduate school are finding employment in various private and governmental agencies that serve children and youth, working with drug and alcohol addicts, and finding entry-level management positions in business. As a liberal arts major, psychology does not "lock you in" to a particular career or life path. Most people will have a variety of jobs or careers during their working years. A liberal arts major like psychology will provide you with a well-rounded, basic education (with an emphasis on psychological science - the study of why people act and think the way they do) that you can apply and adapt to many different career settings.

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Internships in Psychology

Many psychology students intern during their sophomore and junior years at nonprofit organizations and counseling agencies in the Grove City area.

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Current Students

​Every student's story is different, and how you choose to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn, grow and flourish is up to you.

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B.S. in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science degree in psychology equips students with the specialized knowledge, critical thinking and research skills to excel in both graduate study and a variety of careers.

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B.A. in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology equips students with specialized knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills to excel in both graduate study and a variety of careers.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychology at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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Minor in Psychology

Students complete 18 credit hours of course requirements to minor in psychology.

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