Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Grove City College prepares students to excel in competitive graduate programs, as well as careers in government, law, business and more by offering a compact and balanced approach to the discipline that includes treatment of major fields and subfields, a national and international internship program that enriches students’ educational experience and prepares them for future employment, participation in national and regional conferences in political science, as well as the ability to reasearch and work with the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College, a nationally recognized think-tank.

The Department believes in the principles of constitutional government and the advancement of individual, economic, civil and religious liberty. Vigorous political dialogue is encouraged and the Department stresses the pursuit of universal truths applicable to all human beings in their spiritual, social and political relationships.

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B.A. in Political Science

​The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science prepares students to excel in competitive graduate and professional programs as well as careers in law, government and business.

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Minor in Political Science

​ Students gain a foundational understanding of the important theories, methods and research findings of political scientists and are prepared to relate this specialized knowledge to their primary field of study.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​An integral component to an excellent undergraduate education, research opportunities help prepare students for top graduate and professional programs and successful careers in professional sectors.


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After Graduation

​Following graduation, many of our graduates attend top law schools or pursue advanced degrees in political science, public administration and public policy.

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Minor in National Security Studies

​Students gain timely and global insight into the salient issues surrounding national security matters, both theoretical and historical.

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