Related Resources

Recommended resources by the Department of Political Science faculty include:

Professional Associations

American Political Science Association

International Studies Association

Midwest Political Science Association

Research and Data Sites (Including On-line Journals of Interest)

Paul Hensel’s International Relations Data Site

Emory University International Relations and Political Economy Data Site

Social Science Research Network

Center for International Development and Conflict Management

FAOStat (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN statistical site)

Middle East Forum

Foreign Affairs

Politics and Political Blog Sites



News Sites

Weekly Standard

Wall Street Journal

The National Review

National Interest

The New Republic

Policy Review

Rasmussen Reports

Research Foundations

Heritage Foundation

Center for Strategic and International Studies

American Enterprise Institute

Manhattan Institute

Fun Sites

Scrapple Face; News Fairly Unbalanced

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​Recently, students have interned at “Meet the Press,” The Washington Times, the United States Supreme Court and with various federal departments, agencies and members of Congress.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​An integral component to an excellent undergraduate education, research opportunities help prepare students for top graduate and professional programs and successful careers in professional sectors.


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Related Resources

​Recommended resources by the Department of Political Science faculty.

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Minor in National Security Studies

​Students gain timely and global insight into the salient issues surrounding national security matters, both theoretical and historical.

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After Graduation

​Following graduation, many of our graduates attend top law schools or pursue advanced degrees in political science, public administration and public policy.

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B.A. in Political Science

​The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science prepares students to excel in competitive graduate and professional programs as well as careers in law, government and business.

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