Study Abroad FAQs for Language Majors

Foreign Language majors seeking the opportunity to live in the culture and speak the language daily with natives may select from a wide variety of countries, living arrangements, courses and travel options. Rather than routing you automatically to a single opportunity, we will assist you in selecting the program best suited to your individual needs.
Grove City College students can study in Europe, Latin America, Asia or the Pacific, by enrolling directly in foreign universities, or by selecting programs in those countries run by other U.S. universities or study abroad agencies. As you explore the possibilities, we will help you pay particular attention to safety, health, graduation requirements, cultural adjustments and on-site services.
Most Grove City students go abroad for one or two semesters of their junior year, or during the summer before or after the junior year. The normal transfer is 15 credits for a semester or 30 credits for one year’s work. Credits for summer programs are usually granted in relationship to the number of weeks spent in class, up to a maximum of 12.
Many people find that a year or semester abroad can cost approximately the same or a little more than the same amount of time at Grove City. We will help you compare all the financial aspects of the programs quite carefully, with inquiries about lunch on days you are away on school-arranged excursions, whether textbooks are provided or must be purchased, transportation expenses from housing areas to classroom buildings, what recommendations the program organizers make about spending money, weekend and vacation travel, etc.
Financial Aid
Students who have applied for and been awarded Grove City College financial aid for the academic year or semester in which they are studying abroad, including all College-provided merit and need-based awards, will continue to receive that award during the semester(s) when they participate in a full-time study-abroad program which has been approved by the Registrar. The criteria for receiving financial aid are the same as for on-campus study.   
Dr. Amy Barber is the Study Abroad advisor for the Department of Modern Languages. You may contact her at Please see also the website of our Office of International Education and stop by their office in HAL 319.

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Study Abroad

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