Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The Department of Modern Languages sponsors several organizations to promote international activities and conversing in foreign languages. You can find brief descriptions here. If you would like more information, please e-mail an advisor by clicking her name.

Alpha Mu Gamma Foreign Language Honorary

President: Holly Spofford

Alpha Mu Gamma, the national foreign language honorary and service organization recognizes high achievement in the study of other languages. Its aims are to encourage interest in the study of foreign languages, literatures and civilizations, through friendship, enlightenment and sympathetic understanding of other peoples.

Alpha Mu Gamma sponsors:
     • Weekly language tables at dinner where people may chat in Chinese, French, German and Spanish between bites.
     • Compilation and maintenance of information for study abroad, graduate schools and about jobs for language majors.
     • The International Food Fair featuring tasty delights from around the world.
     • The International Praise and Worship service in several modern languages.
     • Amigos de Mexico donation drive delivering clothes and furniture south of the border.
     • Tutoring in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

Spanish Club

 Advisor: Señora Ligo
President: Samuel Skold
The Spanish Club is composed of students holding an interest in Hispanic culture. The club participates in activities such as films in Spanish, Hispanic Heritage celebrations and the International Food Fair. This organization strives for a general appreciation of Latin American and Spanish Culture among language students and the campus as a whole.

French Club

Advisor: Dr. Léon
President: Madeline Lussenhop
The French Club at Grove City College brings together students of all majors with the goal of promoting a deeper appreciation of the peoples and cultures of the francophone world both on campus and in our community. The group meets monthly to watch movies, speak French together at local restaurants, complete service projects (e.g. making Christmas cards for local nursing homes) and engage in social activities with other organizations, such as Alpha Mu Gamma (the foreign language honorary). French Club also sponsors campus-wide celebrations for National French Week that include the screening of a French film, coffeehouse performances (“Francofollies”) and a French dinner menu served in the cafeteria.

Chinese Cultural Club

Advisor: Dr. Su
President: Nathaniel Herzog
The Chinese Culture Club fosters the desire to seek out and better understand the Chinese culture, enriching our experience here at Grove City College and enabling students from all disciplines, in addition to the Chinese program, to broaden their worldview. Anyone who is interested in Chinese culture and language is welcome to join the club.

Inter-Cultural Club

Advisor: Dr. Diane Dixon

The purpose of the Inter-Cultural Club is to encourage, facilitate and promote understanding and companionship among students of different nationalities at Grove City College. Inter-Cultural Club seeks to provide opportunities for international and American students to get to know each other and other cultures through activities such as foreign movies, dinners at foreign restaurants and visits to international festivals at nearby colleges.

More Information

International Affiliations

​Grove City College International Study Partnerships are unique: they are College run and managed partnerships with universities in the host country, so you’re not only getting an international education, you’re doing it with peers from Grove City College.​

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B.A. in French

​The Bachelor of Arts degree in French equips students to become skilled participants in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world and prepares them to excel in both graduate study and a wide variety of careers.

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Study Abroad

​Travel during college is important to broadening your world, and no matter your major, you can study abroad. If you’re the type to really cast off the reins and explore an international university and culture on your own, the Office of International Education will pair you with the right program​.

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After Graduation

​Students graduating with a B.A. in French or Spanish are well poised for careers in translation, teaching, government, social work, bilingual services, interpretation, foreign service and more.

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​Many students studying a modern language at Grove City College prepare for careers in translation, teaching, government, social work, bilingual services, interpretation, and foreign service by interning at various organizations and businesses domestically and abroad.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​The Department of Modern Languages at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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