Department of Entrepreneurship

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Watch a message from Dr. Timothy Sweet, chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship at Grove City College.

Department of Entrepreneurship

The Department of Entrepreneurship at Grove City College prepares and inspires principled, high-impact entrepreneurs whose innovations improve people’s lives and solve important problems.

The Department fosters an academic environment that includes real-world entrepreneurial experience, an idea-generating culture and an emphasis on ethical decision-making.

Entrepreneurship majors develop valuable, versatile skills including accounting, finance, marketing, technology, strategy and creative problem-solving abilities.

Students learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities. They acquire a framework to conceptualize, finance, launch, manage and harvest a wide variety of new ventures. These include commercial businesses such as technology startups as well as not-for-profit enterprises that address urgent human needs. Students may also choose to apply their entrepreneurial knowledge to existing family businesses or elect to create new ventures or products within large corporations.


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Minor in Entrepreneurship

​The minor introduces students to entrepreneurial thought and the process of innovation and idea generation.

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Current Students

​Every student’s story is different, and how you choose to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn, grow and flourish is up to you. Research opportunities, unique work experiences and student clubs and organizations are just a few of the ways our students get involved.

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​The Department helps connect students with alumni and employers in the fields that best complement their classroom learning experience and specialized interests.

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After Graduation

​After graduating, many entrepreneurship students go on to start their own businesses, work on venture start-ups, go to graduate school or enter the business world.

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​Recommended resources by the Department of Entrepreneurship faculty at Grove City College.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​The Department of Entrepreneurship at Grove City College provides opportunities for student research in a variety of ways.

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