Christian Writers Conference

​Christian Writers Conference

 The Christian Writers Conference at Grove City College is an annual event designed to provide a forum for exploring the relationship between literature and the Christian faith.  The conference may focus on the work of a particular writer or on an issue or theme of special significance to the dialogue between literature and Christian thought.

Conference history:

2000-2001“The Romance of Faith,” an international conference on the life and work of Dorothy L. Sayers.

2001-2002Poet and playwright Jeanne Murray Walker

2002-2003 – “C. S. Lewis & the Word,” featuring Lewis scholar Michael Ward

2003-2004 – “Christianity, Literature, & the Postmodern Mind,” featuring Peter Augustine Lawler and R. V. Young

2005-2006 – Women in the Bible & Literary Forms of the Bible, featuring author and theologian Kenneth Bailey

2006-2007 – Emily Dickinson & the Art of Belief, featuring Roger Lundin, Blanchard Professor of English, Wheaton College

2007-2008“C. S. Lewis & the Inklings: Communion of Saints.”  Annual Conference of the C. S. Lewis and Inklings Society, April 3-5, 2008.

2008-2009“Leaning into Poetry and Prayer,” featuring poet and essayist Scott Cairns

2009-2010“Pilgrims in Place,” Mideast Regional Conference of the Conference on Christianity and Literature, March 11-13, 2010.

2010-2011Poet Lew Klatt, March 2012.

2011-2012“On Creation & Creativity,” featuring Adam Seybold and Kate Fenton performing their original play, “The De Chardin Project,” March 26-28, 2012

2012-2013 – “Beauty & Truth,” Regional meeting of the George Herbert Society, featuring Herbert scholars Helen Wilcox and Christopher Hodgkins, April 4-6, 2013.

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