Faculty and Staff

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Gina M Blackburn Assistant Professor of Education  Education  GMBlackburn@GCC.EDU 
Amy S Bodamer Guest Lecturer in Education  Education  ASBodamer@GCC.EDU 
Jarrett M Chapman Assistant Professor of Education; Department Certification Officer  Education  JMChapman@GCC.EDU 
Linda D Culbertson Professor of Education; Director of Elementary Student Teaching  Education  LDCulbertson@gcc.edu 
Susan M Dreves Instructor of Education  Education  SMDreves@GCC.EDU 
Samantha J Fecich Assistant Professor; Instructional Technologist  Education  SJFecich@gcc.edu 
Phyllis P Genareo Assoc. Chair, Professor of Education  Education  ppgenareo@gcc.edu 
Judith L Gosnell-Lamb Associate Professor of Education  Education  JGLamb@GCC.EDU 
Lois L Johnson Director, Office of International Education; Professor of Education  Education  LLJohnson@gcc.edu 
Lorie A Johnson-Osho Director of Multicultural Recruiting and Retention  Education  Johnson-OshoLA@GCC.edu 
Richard A Leo Guest Lecturer in Education  Education  rleo@zoominternet.net 
Tammi S Martin Adjunct Professor of Special Education  Education   
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Sandra L Herald Director, Curriculum Library  Education  heraldsl@gcc.edu  
Sarah C Potter Assistant Teacher, Early Education Center  Education  scpotter@gcc.edu 
Elizabeth J Rupnik Teacher, Early Education Center  Education  ejrupnik@gcc.edu 
Susan R Walker Administrative Assistant  Education  walkersr@gcc.edu