Program Enrollment and Performance

Business Program Enrollment and Performance

On average the total enrollment in the Business Program is 430 to 450 students or approximately 18% of the student body. Approximately 280 are in the Business Department, 100 in the Accounting Department, and 60 in the Entrepreneurship Department.

The number of Bachelor of Science degrees awarded in the last three years is:
Year Business Accounting Entrepreneurship Total
2012 73 22​ ​15 11​0
2013 ​80 ​24 ​13 ​117
2014 ​79 ​29 ​19 ​127

The retention rates from freshman to sophomore year are:
Years Rate
2010-11 87%
2011-12 92%
2012-13 94%
Graduation rates are:
Entry Year 4-Year Rate 5-Year Rate 6-Year Rate
2006 78% 82% 82%
2007 77% 82% 82%
2008 77% 82% 82%
The performance of our seniors on the Major Field Test (MFT) in business has been excellent.  This test evaluates second-semester seniors’ knowledge in nine areas of business.  In nationwide comparisons with over 650 institutions our students have demonstrated excellent technical knowledge as shown in the percentile scores.
2014 2013 2012
Overall Ranking 94 98 ​86
By Area
Accounting 84 91​ 73​
Economics ​82 98​ 88​
Management ​97 ​99 ​81
Quant. Analysis ​77 95​ 81​
Finance ​76 ​95 ​83
Marketing ​99 ​99 ​89
Legal/Social ​98 ​98 ​71
Info. Systems ​93 ​94 ​87
International ​97 99​ ​94

A majority of Accounting graduates take the Certified Public Accounting Examination soon after graduation. The exam consists of four parts which the students take independently of one another. The pass rate for different parts of the exam for our graduates on their first try has consistently been above the national average as shown below.
2013 2012 2011
Number of candidates ​25 ​30 ​37
GCC Pass Rate % ​51 ​68 ​58
National Pass Rate % ​49 49​ ​45

The end result of the college experience for a Business Program major is a job, graduate school or the launch of a start-up business. The Business Program has excellent placement rates as shown below. It should be noted that these rates are based on a 95% sampling rate, that is, 95% of graduates responded to inquiries about their status six months after graduation, not a small sample that could skew the data upward. As a result these percentages are very realistic. Employers report that the characteristics that distinguish Grove City graduates are work ethic, integrity and knowledge.
Major 2011 2012 2013
Accounting 96% 100% 95%
Entrepreneurship 100% 100% 92%
Business Management 96% 84% 95%
Finance 88% 100% 84%
Industrial Management 100% 100% 100%
International Business 93% 100% 100%
Marketing 100% 100% 100%

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