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Jarred Frawley

Jarred Frawley


I decided to come to Grove City College because of the amazing value that the school provides. When I was being recruited for different football programs in the area, Grove City College always stood out to me as an institution that placed academics first.

The reason that I chose to major in accounting is because I have always had an interest in helping businesses and the individuals running them succeed. Accounting is the "language of business" and I wanted to learn that language to assist businesses in becoming more efficient in their operations.

Already, I am starting to see my passion for helping people and businesses come to life. I just finished an internship with Light of Life Rescue Mission in Pittsburgh. Light of Life Rescue Mission provides services to men, women and children facing extreme adversities. As an intern, I updated the organization’s accounting software and posted monthly journal entries to their respective accounts and general ledger.

I felt well prepared to immediately contribute to Light of Life’s business operations because of what I have learned from my professors. Dr. Baglia, Dr. Adels, Dr. McFeaters, and Professor Trimpey are some of the most intelligent people I know. The best thing about studying under these professors is that they apply their real world experience along with their academic knowledge to prepare you for the real world.

After graduation, I plan on becoming a licensed CPA so that I can continue to help small businesses and individuals become more efficient and financially stable.