The Department of Physics at Grove City College is committed to helping its students secure internships at some of the nation’s leading research facilities to advance their studies in specific interest areas. Recent internships have included research at or with :

     • Los Alamos National Laboratory
     • Purdue University
     • University of Alabama
     • Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
     • University of Rochester
     • SRI International
     • Colorado State University
     • Notre Dame
     • Cornell University
     • North Carolina State University
     • Boston College
     • University of Arizona   
     • Lehigh University
     • University of Maryland
     • University of California-Davis    
     • NASA
     • ENS Cachan (Paris, France)
     • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
     • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
     • University of South Florida (CREOLE)
     • West Virginia University
     • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
     • Army Research Labs
     • Air Force Research Labs
     • DAAD Rise (Germany)
     • Grove City College
     • Rochester Institute of Technology
     • Idaho State University
     • SPS Mather Public Policy
     • InterSystems

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Summer Research Projects

Take an in-depth look at recent Grove City College student and faculty scholarly work in the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering and Mathematics.​

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Minor in Physics

​Students gain a foundational knowledge of the process of scientific investigation, including modern computational and laboratory methods.

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Physics Club

​A division of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), the purpose of the club is to encourage a broader knowledge of physics and an understanding of the field of physics.

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B.S. in Physics

The Bachelor of Science degree in physics prepares students for professional programs, graduate study and immediate employment.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​ Our department has active research programs in optics, nanotechnology, biophysics, astronomy and physics education.

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Physics Major Leading to 7-12 Certification

Students majoring in physics leading to 7-12 certification in physics secondary education take 116 credit hours of major coursework and are exposed to real-life teaching situations during field experiences​.​

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