Math Blast

The 2016 Math Blast is set for Saturday, March 12, in the Hall of Arts and Letters on the campus of Grove City College. The program is hosted by students from our Mathematics for Secondary Education class.
The free three-hour program provides fun and innovative math lessons to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Each participating child may take two one-hour classes.
Registration begins at 9 a.m. in the atrium of the Hall of Arts and letters; no pre-registration is required.
For more information contact Kelleen Bonomo, professor of mathematics, at or 724- 450-1559.
For those needing directions, a campus map can be found HERE.

2016 Schedule

Session 1
​K-1 ​Noah’s Ark Addition
​K-1 ​Pattern Penguins
​K-2 ​Graphing with Skittles
​1-2 ​Fractions with Olaf
​2-4 ​Tessellations
​3-4 ​Measurement Mania- Pancake Insania
​3-5 ​Space and Rockets
​4-6 ​Math Magic
​5-8 ​Mayan Math
​6-8 ​Math Games
​6-8 ​Mobius Strips
Session 2
​K-1 ​M&M Math
​K-2 ​Measuring with Cinderella
​K-3 ​Tangrams
​2-4 ​Probability Playground
​2-4 ​Balancing Act
​3-5 ​Secret Codes
​4-5 ​Pentominoes
​4-6 ​Egyptian Math
​5-8 ​Pipe Cleaners and Polyhedrals
​6-8 ​Candy Algebra
​7-8 ​The Mathematics of Fractals
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