Internships & Employment

The vast majority of students studying electrical and computer engineering at Grove City College participate in at least one and often several internships before they graduate. Recently, our students have interned at:
     • EDS, Inc.
     • Lockheed-Martin
     • Motorola
     • NASA Lewis Research Center
     • Seagate
     • Vitesse Semiconductor

After graduation, our students find success in a wide variety of career fields including industry, academia and research.  Recent alumni have started their careers at:
     • Westinghouse
     • FirstEnergy
     • Northrup Grumman
     • CJL Engineering
     • Joy Global
     • KEYW Corp.
     • Intel
     • Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc.
     • Rovisys
     • US Navy
     • Integrated Industrial Technologies
     • Alion
     • Spang Power Electronics
     • Eaton Corp.
     • Toyota
     • Honda
     • Gecko Robotics
     • Lockheed Martin
     • National Security Agency
     • Bettis Marine Propulsion

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Electrical Engineering Concentration

​A concentration in electrical engineering requires advanced lab work and hands-on experience in the use of electronic and electrical devices including transformers, motors, generators, as well as discrete active and passive components, test equipment and instrumentation.

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Current Students

​ Each year, talented students from around the world bring their intellect, work ethic and enthusiasm to Grove City College and make the most of all the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the campus have to offer.

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Summer Research Projects

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​Students conduct supervised research during their sophomore, junior or senior years and have access to laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and computer workstations.


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Computer Engineering Concentration

​ Students take a series of courses that offer in-depth study of advanced C++ programming, operating systems, microprocessors, software engineering and computer architecture.

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