BEST Robotics, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose mission is to inspire middle through high school students to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology through participation in a sports-like, hands-on, real-world engineering-based robotics competition. BEST was started by a couple engineers from Texas Instruments in 1993. The BEST website is An overview video is available here. A video of the 2011 Wolverine BEST competition is available here.

The Wolverine 2016 BEST Robotics competition will be held on the following dates:
     2016 BEST Robotics Kick-Off – Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016
     2016 BEST Robotics Mall Day – Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016
     2016 BEST Robotics Marketing Presentations – Friday, Oct. 21, 2016
     2016 BEST Robotics Game Day – Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016

Want to participate in 2016?

     • Letter of Interest

We still need volunteers for Friday and Saturday of Game Day. Please contact Danielle Bryan by email if you can help. No technical expertise or experience is required – just a willingness to support creative, enthusiastic young people.
Mrs. Stephanie Adams is the Hub Director for Wolverine BEST if you have other questions. She can be reached by email or phone at 724-450-1569.

Northern Plains BEST Regional Competition!
Six teams from Wolverine BEST competed at the Northern Plains BEST regional competition in Fargo, ND, on Dec. 4-5.  Thirty-four teams from six states participated. Cornerstone Christian Prep placed 2nd in the overall BEST award. Note that Cornerstone placed 2nd in the overall BEST award the previous two years. Family Instructors of North Suburbs (FINS) placed 3rd in the overall BEST award. Cornerstone Christian Prep, FINS, Mercer and Grove City Homeschoolers were all semifinalists in the robot competition. 

Wolverine BEST award winners at Northern Plains:
     • Best Award 2nd – Cornerstone Christian Prep
     • BEST Award 3rd – Family Instructors of the North Suburbs (FINS)
     • Teamwork Award 1st – Cornerstone Christian Prep
     • Software Design and Simulation Award 1st – Family Instructors of the North Suburbs (FINS)
     • Best Marketing Presentation 3rd – Union Area School District
     • Best Project Engineering Notebook 2nd – Family Instructors of the North Suburbs (FINS)
     • Best Spirit & Sportsmanship 1st – Cornerstone Christian Prep
     • Best Spirit & Sportsmanship 3rd – Mercer Are Middle/High School

Wolverine BEST 2015

Wolverine BEST kicked off Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015 with the following teams:
     Clarion Area High School           
     Cornerstone Prep               
     Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy       
     Grove City High School           
     Mercer Area High School           
     Slippery Rock Middle School           
     Union Area High School           
     West Middlesex High School           
     Christian Life Academy           
     Commodore Perry High School       
     Grove City Area Homeschoolers       
     Kennedy Catholic High School       
     Commodore Perry Middle School       
     Beaver Area Homeschoolers           
     Franklin Area Middle School           
     Holy Trinity School               
     Evangel Heights Academy           
     Redeemer Lutheran School   
Click HERE for a full recap of the event.


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