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Shaeffer Brothers

Shaeffer Brothers

The question we get asked most often is, “How did you end up at Grove City College?” As brothers raised in a missionary family in Africa, it may seem surprising that we chose to attend a small school in western Pennsylvania, but our reasons were simple: low cost and strong academics. Grove City Colege not only met both of these criteria, but was also recommended by two of our cousins who are alumni.

During our first two years, biochemistry gave us the freedom to explore the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics. The major encompasses all classes for the pre-med requirements and because we were both considering medicine as a possible career, that made biochemistry even more appealing.

Our major also allows us enough electives to pursue a minor in a different field of interest. Stephen is pursuing a minor in psychology, while David is earning a minor in French. Outside the classroom, we both have had opportunities to do research. Stephen has aided Dr. Falcetta in researching temporary anions and this past summer, we both had the opportunity to conduct lupus research at the Lupus Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh.

Through major-related classes, the many hours of hands-on experience in lab, and the wide variety of opportunities that are available to us at Grove City College, we have not only obtained a better understanding of the medical field but are even more motivated to become physicians.​