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Sara George

Sara George

I chose Grove City College because of its Christian values and small campus community, but my draw to the school went much deeper. Being exposed to the strong character and work ethic of friends and family from the college, I knew that Grove City College could be a place where I could reach my potential.

I chose psychology at Grove City College because of the unique nature of the program. Unlike other schools, Grove City College requires its psychology students to take a research course, in which they plan, develop and present a study. This is different from undergraduate programs, giving Grove City College students an edge when competing for coveted spots in graduate school.
There are so many directions to go with the Department of Psychology. Students can choose a variety of different topics such as Marriage and Family to Sensation and Perception. There are classes related to every field of psychology, from counseling, social work, research or neuropsychology. This gives students the option of focusing on their goal or experimenting with different options in the field.
The relationship between faculty and students is just one example of how the department cares for student’s success. Professors take the time to get to know their students; offering support, advice and prayer—not to mention assistance with academics.
We are challenged to have a strong work ethic. This habit of working hard and giving my best translates into the working environment. Through my education and internship experience, I am confident that I will not only find a job after graduating, but a job that I love.
I have been able to gain an internship at ELAP Services, LLC (a company that works with self-funded employer groups to understand and control employee health care costs) because of the preparation I received at Grove City College.