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David Lewis

David Lewis

I chose Grove City College for its rigorous academics, renowned for preparing students for their futures. As a senior, I can say that I was not disappointed. The work required to succeed in the physics curriculum was a challenge, but also an immensely satisfying achievement.  In addition, I have benefited greatly from the intimate size of the Department of Physics at Grove City College, enjoying close and regular interactions with classmates and faculty.

In terms of my perspective before enrolling in college, I enjoyed physics immensely at the end of high-school, yet was uncertain of following what I understood to be the ‘typical’ route to graduate school in physics.  At the end of freshman year, I picked up a pre-medicine concentration hopes of becoming a medical physician.  This pursuit has been the perfect fit when considering my interests and goals as a collective whole.  Though a unique path, I have come to learn that there is no stereotypical physics student.  My colleagues are all pursuing a diverse variety of career interests which reach numerous disciplines, including medical physics, software engineering, pre-law, chemical physics research, nuclear submarine officer, and physics education.
Besides experiencing the established research in physics here at Grove City College, I have spent my summers interning with my hometown church, learning how to minister to and impact others through the gifts and strength God has been developing through me through Grove City College.