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Amy French

Amy French

I didn’t originally plan on majoring in philosophy, but after taking a western civilizations course and reading Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, I wanted to try out a philosophy course. After taking Intro to Ethics and 20th Century Philosophy, I was hooked. Philosophy teaches methods of thinking that help you figure out your beliefs and how they relate to who you are overall.

One benefit of the Department of Philosophy is the freedom to choose one’s course work.  For example, some courses from other departments, like psychology and political science, can be counted towards the major. My favorite course is current problems in philosophy. It is taught by different professors on a different subject each time, and students can take it multiple times for credit.
The Department of Philosophy is of modest size, so our faculty knows all of us on a personal level. Dr. DiQuattro hosts us in his home for discussions, and Dr. Trammell and Dr. Coulter have welcomed students into their office to develop personal mentorships with students.
The department encourages us to apply to present our papers at conferences. I received the opportunity to present a paper at Houston Baptist University in the spring and attend a philosophy and theology conference at Notre Dame University last year. I will be attending both those conferences and more this coming year.
“What are you going to do with that major?” is a common question for a philosophy major, but there are different careers and graduate level opportunities, and Grove City College ensures students are aware of these. In addition, philosophy is an excellent preparatory major for law school.
Studying philosophy helped form my character in such a way that I learned what direction I wanted to take in life. I can’t say enough about the discipline and am grateful for the opportunity to study Philosophy at Grove City College.