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Jack Krimmel

Jack Krimmel

When I began my college search, I had the following qualifications to help guide me in my decision: I wanted a comfortable social environment, a spiritual environment I could be challenged in, and finally, a quality education in the field of music. Grove City College not only met these qualifications, but surpassed my expectations.

The humanities classes have given me a unique perspective that has helped me better apply my education. It has broadened my views and helped me develop my critical thinking and analytical skills. I am excited that I can practice this open-mindedness in an environment like Grove City College.
The faith we share at Grove City College gives us a bond and sense of trust between students and professors. I am impressed with how much faculty is willing to help students. This is evident in the way professors open their doors to students outside of class and invite us to develop deep relationships with them. The professors maintain their humility, allowing students to see them as mentors and not intimidating authority figures.
College is what you make it, and I have tried to get the most out of it by listening to where God wants me and not being afraid to be challenged in new ways. Grove City College has been the perfect place for me to do this.