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Katemarie Guglielmello

Katemarie Guglielmello

Despite Grove City College’s modest size, the Department of History offers a broad range of historical topics. From ancient history to constitutional law or American sports history to modern African history, the history department has a topic for every interest. Because the department does not require students to select a concentration, we have the opportunity to select a variety of historical topics.

The assignments in the Department of History leave room for creativity and individual expression. I once had the opportunity to write both a comparative of Egyptian and Greek mythology and a study of totalitarianism using modern science fiction such as Star Wars and Star Trek.
The crowning jewel of the department is the faculty. While being personal, the professors are both willing and eager to speak about class work and anything else that might be on the student’s mind. The faculty is happy to build a mentorship that goes beyond that semester’s class loads.
As a senior, I am preparing for my years outside of Grove City College.  Having taken my LSAT over the summer, I’m starting to apply to law schools for fall 2013. I feel that being a history major has really prepared me for the rigor of law school and will provide me with a strong base for my future.