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Adam Spangler

Adam Spangler

I have two guiding principles here at Grove City College: “Redeem the time,” and “Seek a heart of wisdom.” Life here can be fast-paced and intense, but it has challenged me to seek my potential. If you are willing, Grove City College can develop and cultivate your character and skills in unimaginable ways.  

My civilization and biblical revelation classes with Dr. Campbell were just two of the many classes that challenged me to think about the foundations of my worldview and become more confident about what I believe. This was essential, for is is this new depth of belief that drives all of my daily interactions.
For me, engineering is only a part of my ambition. I’m not just here to learn, I’m here to be changed in heart and mind. Yes, the academics are intense, but they are intense precisely because they are designed to be done to the glory of God. As a result, they cannot be done half-heartedly. Much is required of me here, so I made a conscious decision to rise to that challenge and allow God to change me deeply. Grove City is the place to be if you are searching to grow.