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Megan McCoy

Megan McCoy

When I first made the decision to study electrical engineering at Grove City College, I was not entirely sure if it would be the right fit for me. I chose the major because I was good at math and thought engineering would provide me with a good job after graduation. At first, the classes were intimidating, but as my first semester wore on, I found that I could not only do the work, but I also really enjoyed it.

One of my favorite things about Grove City College is the faculty. They genuinely want to see their students succeed. The classroom is a comfortable place where no one is too afraid to ask questions, have discussions or crack a joke. Whether it’s an engineering, science, math or humanities course, the faculty has always made itself accessible, genuinely seeking to set students up for success.
Because Grove City College is a liberal arts institution, I have taken many courses outside my comfort zone. These have already proven themselves beneficial, improving my writing and communication skills, which I will certainly need in my future engineering career, and they prepare me to defend my faith in the real world.
As graduation draws nearer and it becomes time to start my career, I’m confident that the education here at Grove City College will guide me to a successful career in the field of engineering. It is a daunting to think it is only a few short years away, but I am excited to see where God—through Grove City College—will lead me.