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Paige Polesnak

Paige Polesnak


The choice to come to Grove City College and major in communications studies was not a difficult one to make. I knew I wanted to attend a college where I felt challenged in my studies an​d supported in my faith.

Part of Grove City College’s mission statement is to help develop students into leaders, prepared to face the challenges of the modern world. I have never in my life been so pushed intellectually as I have been here, and this has only furthered my resolve to rise to the occasion. Grove City College has showed me how to become a task-oriented, critical thinker, fearless to break out of the box of conventional thinking.
I have been so privileged with the opportunities Grove City College has afforded me. Thanks to the small class size Grove City College has purposefully maintained, I have benefitted immensely from the close relationships I have developed with faculty.
I have already taken advantage of my education by pursuing internships in media production, marketing and advertising, development and journalism as I discern where I will best use the skills I have developed.
The reason I have decided to attend Grove City College is because I want to have the confidence that where I’ve been will take me exactly where I want to go. Grove City College has provided that experience, education, support and network to take me there.