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Brittany Knowles

Brittany Knowles


I started out my college career as an Electrical Engineering major, but later acquired an appreciation for business. I changed my major to Industrial Management: a convenient blend of both mechanical engineering and business.

My three years at Grove City College has shown me the advantage of a Liberal Arts education. The expanded course material makes any major more versatile. While employers look for people who are exceptional in their specific fields of study, they also look for people who can adapt. My employers will probably never ask my knowledge on ancient art from my Civilizations and Arts class, but they will need me to step out of my comfort zone to learn new things. Thanks to Grove City College, I’m willing and eager to do this.

The professors at Grove City College are another great asset to this institution. Their willingness to help students on a personal level makes the college experience easier and more relational. My own advisor, Dr. Ketler, has gone out of his way consistently to provide the tools I need to succeed here at Grove City College and in the real world.

Last summer I interned as a quality intern at Brilex, a manufacturing company. This experience gave me an insight into how a growing company can be successful, and the importance of unity within a company and its separate departments. I could not have asked for a more positive internship experience, and I have Grove City College to thank for that.