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Brooke Zitricki

Brooke Zitricki

I was recently asked why I chose to come to Grove City College to study biology. The answer was simple: I wanted to attend a challenging liberal arts institution with Christian values.

I knew there were many colleges and universities that would provide me with a good education in the field of biology, but I knew the liberal arts curriculum that Grove City College offered was unique. Simply taking courses in biology would have helped me to become a better scientist, but reading literature about the Enlightenment and how the study of biology was developed, along with the impact that these new discoveries had on society, has challenged me to apply my knowledge into a wider scope.
In addition, I’ve learned so much working alongside so many wonderful Christian professors in the Department of Biology. Every professor that I have had in class has been intentional about helping me truly understand the material. As a result, my education is not about earning a grade, but about learning and applying my knowledge in the real-world. Most importantly, the faculty are role models for how to be a thoughtful Christian in the scientific community.
Not only will I graduate with a greater understanding and appreciation for the biological sciences, but I will also have a deeper understanding of my role as a Christian in the world. Studying biology at Grove City College gave me the opportunity to develop my character, while learning the skills necessary to succeed as a biologist.