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Erin Fulton

Erin Fulton

​When I was looking at colleges, I knew that I wanted a Christian college with challenging academics. Grove City College stood out because of its reputable engineering program. 

I have always enjoyed math and science, but I particularly love engineering because it allows me to apply the principles of those disciplines towards creating something new and beneficial for society. Consequently, I plan on choosing a career path that will allow me to create innovative products and processes to help developing countries. This is my life’s pursuit because I want to use the intellectual gifts God has given me to spread his love in a practical and tangible way.

While at Grove City College, I have been particularly impressed with my professors. Their consistent willingness to help shows their desire for students to succeed. For example, Dr. Clauss makes the classroom environment feel like her living room. She always opens class by interacting with her students on a personal level. She knows all of us by name and remembers the small things happening in our lives. She has personally helped me many times in past semesters, whether it be school related or simply being there as someone to talk to.

Overall though, my favorite part about mechanical engineering at Grove City College has to be the tight-knit community. Since our class sizes are small, we have become a family within our major, creating relationships that extend past just studying together. Some of my closest friends on campus are engineers, which isn’t due to a lack of social life. We just truly enjoy each other’s company.​