Payment Policy

​Payment Policy

​Charges, fees and deposits are due and payable for the Fall Semester on the first business day in August (August 3, 2015). Spring Semester and January Intersession charges are due by the first business day in January (extended to January 4, 2016). Housing Deposits are due in early March (notification made upon determination). May Intersession charges are due the Friday before Intersession begins (May 13, 2016). Charges other than tuition and room and board that are assessed during the semester, such as security fines, library fines, and computer repairs, etc. are due and payable within 10 days of initial assessment.
In no case will a student be permitted to register for any semester if he/she has unpaid charges from the prior semester. Students are not officially registered until tuition, room and board and all other required fees are paid in full. The College reserves the right to withdraw a student from classes and dismiss him/her if the account balance is not paid in full by the payment due date. The Director of Financial Services and Assistant Director of Financial Services may grant a student an extension beyond the semester payment deadline for extenuating circumstances. However, in such cases the student will be charged a $35 late fee. The Director of Financial Services and Assistant Director of Financial Services may waive this initial late fee for transfer students who are accepted within a three-week period prior to the first day of classes and for students who have been awarded state grants, outside scholarships and loans for which the Financial Aid Office has received written notification from the funding body but has not yet received the funds.  
Late payment fees of $35 per month will be charged for any unpaid balance in a student’s account at the time that monthly bills are prepared. In no case will a student receive grades, transcripts or diplomas during any period in which he/she has any unpaid student account balance.
A fee of $40.00 will be charged to the issuer of any check returned by the payee’s bank, and a fee of $10.00 will be charged for returned electronic check (e-check) payments.
All outstanding debts to the College remaining unpaid after 30 days from billing may be subject to all legal collection costs, fees and practices.