Financial Aid

​Financial Aid

Freedom is when the education of your lifetime doesn’t take your lifetime to repay.

Like you, Grove City College believes in the freedom that comes with financial responsibility. So what does freedom have to do with financial aid? Well, one of the biggest problems facing college graduates today is the excessive debt they incur to earn their degree. That’s not our idea of freedom. However, being tied to federal aid isn’t our idea of freedom either.

So what is the answer?

First, we keep our tuition at about half the national average for private colleges of our caliber, without any sacrifice in academic quality. So, in effect, you will receive an automatic financial benefit of several thousand dollars just by choosing Grove City College. Second, we do not fund institutional financial aid programs with tuition discounts; your tuition isn’t subsidizing another student. Lastly, we are faithful stewards of our resources and have always been committed to prudent financial management.

Our tuition is about half the going rate for private colleges. Think about that for a minute. We are a nationally ranked, private, liberal arts college at only half the price of peer institutions. How is that possible? Well, a long time ago, the founders of Grove City College made a commitment to keep the price of college education affordable and accessible. They kept that commitment then, and we are keeping that commitment today.

There are a variety of options that help make an already great value more affordable. We offer financial aid, awarded annually, based on financial need, academic achievement and available funds. We also offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships, as well as a private student loan program available to enrolled students without regard to need or creditworthiness. A family’s financial standing will not affect an admission decision.

The College is pleased to offer the Grove City College Net Price Calculator. The calculator collects financial and other information and, after calculating an estimated EFC, provides an estimated financial aid package which will help you to have a sense of what it will cost to attend Grove City College for the year. The Calculator is available HERE.

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Financial Aid Brochure

​Download our Financial Aid Brochure to learn more about at financial aid at Grove City College. Click HERE to download.

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State Grants and Scholarships

Although Grove City College does not participate in federal financial aid programs, many state grant and scholarship programs can be used to assist students of the College.

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Student Loans

​Because Grove City College does not accept, nor does it certify, any loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (Stafford and Parent PLUS Loans) students must select private, alternative loans, which are available from most lenders, in order to borrow.

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Student Employment

Applications for work on campus may be filed online using the "Sign Up" tab of the myGCC portal.

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Outside Scholarships

​Scholarships from private sources outside of Grove City College provide an additional source of financial assistance for students.

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529 Plans

A 529 plan (named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code) is a college savings plan that allows families to establish a tax advantaged savings vehicle for educational purposes.

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