Music Applicants

Music Applicants​​

Students desiring to major in music at Grove City College must complete an audition before a faculty committee for acceptance into the music department.

Alternate audition times must be scheduled through the music office. Every effort will be made to schedule your audition at an alternate time if you are coming to campus from a distance. While an in-person audition is preferred, a high quality video may be submitted when time or distance makes an in-person audition impossible. Upon completion of your audition, the Music Department will notify the Admissions Office that you have performed an audition and whether or not you are being recommended for acceptance by the Department of Music. No decision will be made on your application by the Admissions Office if you have not completed an audition.


Applications for Grove City College Admission must be received by the Admissions Office November 1 for Early Decision 1, December 1 for Early Decision 2, and January 20 for Regular Decision.  A personal interview with Admissions, 724-458-2100, is strongly encouraged.


Upcoming Audition Dates for 2017-18:       

October 9 – Music Major Day
October 28
November 11
November 27
February 19 – President’s Day

There is not a prescribed music solo list for the audition. Musical selections of the standard academic repertoire for your instrument or voice are appropriate. Two or three selections of contrasting style are preferred. The faculty will be looking for an appropriate level of competency and repertoire difficulty for the freshman level, above average musicality, and potential for growth. Memorization is encouraged but not mandatory. The performance section of the audition will last approximately 10 minutes. Additional audition activities will last approximately 20 minutes.

ADDITIONAL AUDITION ACTIVITIES (all students regardless of instrument/voice)
    • Music Theory Assessment – 27 questions (Pitch, chord, terminology, scale identification, etc.)
    • Aural Retention – We play a series of pitches on the piano and the student sings the pitches
    • Sight-Reading – Clapping rhythms at sight from a rhythm sheet

Please download and fill out the Department of Music’s Personal Data Sheet. This form can be brought on the day of the audition or emailed as a word document prior to the audition.

Piano/Organ majors or minors should prepare two selections from the standard classical repertoire. The two selections should be from differing time periods (baroque, classic, romantic, modern). These may include various standard solo forms such as sonatas, etudes, character pieces, preludes, etc. Pianists should also prepare 2-3 Major scales and their equivalent harmonic minor scales. All scales should be 4-octaves ascending and descending. For more information contact Dr. Huebert:

Voice majors or minors should prepare two selections from the standard classical repertoire (art songs, opera, oratorio).One selection must be in English and the second selection can be in English or a foreign language. A selection from musical theater may be included as a third selection. Piano accompaniment will be provided for voice auditions if needed, or you may provide your own. For more information contact Dr. Mueller:

Musical Theater minors should prepare two or three vocal selections from the Musical Theater standard repertoire. These pieces should be of contrasting style and mood and include something that is technical as well as lyrical. Piano accompaniment will be provided with advanced notice or you may provide your own. For more information contact Dr. Piastro:

Brass/Woodwind/ Percussion/Guitar majors or minors can perform any of the standard solo literature for the particular instrument. Piano accompaniment is not a requirement. For more information on band instruments contact Dr. Pisano:

String majors can perform any of the standard solo literature for the particular instrument; however, Bach Partitas, Sonatas, or Suites are encouraged as one of the selections. Piano accompaniment is not a requirement. For more information contact Dr. Tedford: 

Parents are encouraged to attend the audition day, but the audition is for the students and faculty committees only.

Scheduling Auditions and More Information
Additional information about the Department of Music is available by calling the Department Office at 724-458-2084. Auditions can be scheduled with Dr. Jeffrey Tedford, Audition Coordinator, at or 724-450-1557. Please email (, FAX 724-458-2164, or bring the enclosed data sheet to the Music Department on audition day if you have not previously completed the form. In case of poor weather conditions, your interview and audition can be rescheduled.

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