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Grove City College best for homeschoolers

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Grove City College best for homeschoolers


​Grove City College is the best school in the country for homeschoolers, according to SuperScholar.org, an online source for consumers seeking the best college fit.

In compiling its list of the Ten Best Schools for Homeschoolers, the website looked at the educational and cultural factors that influence a family’s decision to homeschool their children and how a college or university supports those values.

Grove City College topped the list.

According to SuperScholar: “It is uniformly excellent academically, maintains its theological heritage without being dogmatic, and stresses interesting social and political distinctives, such as the Austrian approach to free-market economics. Located near Pittsburgh, its focus is on ‘faith and freedom.’ Its humanities core curriculum is friendly to the Judeo-Christian Western tradition and to the ideals of freedom that spurred the founding fathers of the United States.

The homeschool movement has become a force in primary and secondary education in recent decades as more families reject the secular agenda that is part and parcel of public education. When it comes to higher education, homeschoolers are often frustrated with the cultural and political landscape at many colleges and universities.

Grove City College has been recognized as a top destination for homeschoolers by other college guides as well, often topping the list. Homeschoolers won’t feel out of place at the College, since about 15 percent of students come from homeschool environments.

The College provides students a top-notch liberal arts education at an affordable price in an environment that respects and fosters Christian thought while maintaining high academic standards. The College does not accept any federal funding, allowing it to remain independent and flourish as a free-market alternative to most public and private institutions.