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Grove City College’s Dr. Gordon to present E.Y. Mullins Lectures

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Grove City College’s Dr. Gordon to present E.Y. Mullins Lectures


Dr. T. David Gordon, professor of religion and Greek at Grove City College, has been invited by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to present the E.Y. Mullins Lectures on Preaching in Louisville, Ky., from March 26-28.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary asked Gordon to speak due to his book published in 2009, “Why Johnny Can’t Preach.” In his book, Gordon discusses the “foolish” message and medium while attempting to argue that the movement from a typographical (book) culture to an electronic and image-based culture in the latter half of the twentieth century had very negative consequences for preaching. “It is an honor to be a non-Baptist and to do the lecture. I’m very pleased they invited me,” Gordon said.
Edgar Young Mullins was the fourth president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Through his books, sermons and denominational articles, Mullins became one of the most influential Baptists of the twentieth century. His influence extended to all spheres of the Southern Baptist life.
Throughout the years, Gordon has served as a pastor and a supply minister, contributed to countless reviews and articles and speaks at numerous events around the country. Gordon has written two books titled, “Why Johnny Can’t Preach,” and “Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns.”
To find out more information on Dr. Gordon, including where he will be speaking, visit www.tdgordon.net.