College Catalog

​2017-2018 College Catalog

Grove City College Bulletin:
Entire PDF document (284 pages)
History & Purpose
 The Vision, Mission and Values of Grove City College
 Goals and Objectives of Grove City College
 Academic Schools
 The Campus
 Center for Vision and Values
 Application Process
 Selecting A Major
 Transfer Students
 Transfer Credit
Expenses and Financial Aid
 Tuition Payment Plan
 Financial Aid Program
 Work Opportunities
Student Life
 General Rules and Regulations
 Residence Halls
 Campus Safety
 Emergency Response Plan
 Health Service
 Orientation and Academic Advising
 Cultural Life
 Intercollegiate Athletics
 Student Organizations
Academic Policies
 General Requirements for Graduation
 Intersession Courses
 Transfer Credit
 Dean's List
 Academic Integrity
General Education and Degree Programs
 General Education Requirements
 Writing, Speaking and Information Literacy Intensive Studies
 Degree Programs
    Bachelor of Arts
    Bachelor of Science
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    Bachelor of Music
 Changing Degree Programs
 International Education
Courses of Instruction
Academic Schools
  Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts & Letters
  Albert A. Hopeman School of Science, Engineering & Mathematics
Department majors and course descriptions
  Biblical and Religious Studies and Philosophy
  Business Program: Accounting and Finance
  Business Program: Entrepreneurship
  Business Program: Management and Marketing
  Communication and Visual Arts
  Computer Science
  Economics and Sociology
  Electrical Engineering
  Exercise Science and Athletics
  Mechanical Engineering
  Modern Languages
  Political Science
  Psychology and Social Work
 Board of Trustees
 Full-Time Faculty
 Adjunct Faculty
 Additional Instructional Faculty
 Retired Administration
 Retired Faculty

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