Language Tables

10/10/2018 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
MAP, West Lobby
What is Language Tables?
Language Tables is a program organized by the Department of Modern Languages designed to enable students to develop spoken foreign language skills outside of the classroom setting. Students have the opportunity to speak Spanish, French, Chinese, and German with their peers and professors in a fun, low-pressure environment.
When is Language Tables?
Language Tables takes place on two Wednesdays each month in MAP, West Lobby. 
Who can come to Language Tables?
Any Grove City College student wishing to enhance their language skills can participate in Language Tables, regardless of year or major. There is also always a faculty member representing each language, which adds a second level of expertise to the student experience.
Why do students attend Language Tables?
Professors often integrate Language Tables into their curriculum to provide to their students an opportunity to practice and eventually master the skills they have learned in class. Some students who are not obligated to attend or are not currently taking a foreign language class at Grove City College attend Language Tables to maintain their previously acquired skills. However, that is not the only benefit that Language Tables offers to students.
Because Language Tables does not have a set of criteria regarding topics of discussion, students like that the conversations that occur are authentic and unstructured in nature, like talking to a friend. This a welcome alternative to the structured topics of a classroom setting and can take off a great deal of the pressure when speaking a foreign language.
Students also like that conversations are held in groups of eight at maximum, according to the number of chairs at the table, rather than having to speak in front of the entire class. The smaller group setting is more comfortable for students to practice.
Lastly, Language Tables serves as a platform for students to discover the meaning of unknown words and phrases as a team, which creates an instructive yet informal learning atmosphere. 

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